A Singapore based start-up, founded to venture into music entertainment industry, with the initial focus in providing a Mobile application for singing Karaoke. With the growing market reach of smartphones all over the world, Muzibees see huge opportunities in attracting the singing talents as well as listeners of Karaoke singing.
Muzibees is committed not just to respect and respond to the dreams and desires of music loving community but also to bring more robust, innovative and sensational products and services they deserve
By creating a bond with the network of music loving community, Muzibees foresee huge potential to deliver experiences that inspire confidence, hope and a sense of amusement to them.
Create a global community of music lovers and provide them a stress relieving platform for Karaoke Singing, share their experiences with others and have fun.
Through music, Muzibees hopes to remove human discrimination, be it race, religion, wealth, colour, knowledge or skills and build up global community by providing a platform for everyone to collaborate, interact and foster friendship.
The founders, management and all employees of Muzibees and its representatives are committed to:
  • Be honest and transparent in their approach;
  • Be courteous and caring;
  • Contact details of the complainant like name, address, contact telephone number, email address that will enable Muzibees to contact, if deemed necessary;
  • Respect everyone’s rights, views and values;
  • Comply with rules, regulations and other applicable codes of conduct of various authorities and organizations in countries we deal with;
  • Never engage in, or encourage other stakeholders to engage in, unfair practices;
  • Most importantly, always strive to contribute to the society through Music.